What's Important About A Brand Image?

A brand image is important for any business, whether you’re selling coffees or cleaning customers’ cars. A brand image is more than a logo as it identifies your business, product, or service. Consumers make note of every interaction they have with your business. But many business owners won’t think about their brand image until there’s a problem.

As a brand image is formed in a customer’s mind, their experience needs to always be the best and tailored-made to them. If you’re an eCommerce brand, sending products to customers’ houses, then you need to make sure the packaging is nice and high-quality! Having something quirky and different, such as lollipops in their packaging is another way to create a great brand image. This will then be on social media and your brand will quickly be promoted by word of mouth. Here are some of the ways to transform your brand image:

Make An Impression

Making a good first impression is crucial, especially within businesses. Customers will create an impression of your business, based on the way employees are dressed, your website, business cards, how clean the store is, or even how your social media is laid out. Therefore presentation is everything when it comes to a brand image.

I wouldn’t buy from a website if their website wasn’t easy to use. Once things become more complicated I begin to get bored. Which is why it’s important to have an easy buying process for your customers, so you don’t lose out on sales.

Responsive And Consistent

When you have a brand, it’s good to remain responsive and consistent. If you take action, see how the customer responds, take on the feedback, and then implement that into the brand strategy going forward. By keeping note of your audience responses as you go along, you can see what does and doesn’t work, while engaging with them. Always keep an eye out and keep things in that work and get rid of things that don’t.

Brand Strategy

Never give up on a brand strategy, or keep a strategy the same. Over time your strategy should change, evolve and develop. Which you can see in logos alone, if you take coca-cola for example, you will see how their brand evolved since 1886.

Brand Differentiation

Copying the same strategy as another company is a deadly tactic used by a lot of companies who aren’t creative enough to come up with their own ideas. As a company, you will have competitors, but instead of looking at what the competitors do and copying them – you need to take a look and think “What can I do to be better than that?” and go from there. Originality is important as it makes your business unique.

USP – Unique Selling Point. What does your brand have that the others don’t? Once you identify your USP, then you will need to market it. To make customers aware that for example, they will receive a ‘free drink with a pizza’ which would make a customer choose to go to your restaurant instead of ‘Pete’s Pizzas’ who don’t offer this.

So, never think your branding is the best out there, always look for ways to improve! Because one day quite easily another brand can come and take your place!

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