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Nijanthan Shankar

Nijanthan, a proficient website developer, specialises in PHP, WordPress, and Shopify platforms and is driven by a passion for creating tailored websites efficiently. With over three years of experience, he excels in WordPress development, initially drawn to web design intricacies and coding. Renowned for his attention to detail and dedication, Nijanthan thrives on solving challenges creatively, from theme customisation to optimising e-commerce on Shopify.

Client satisfaction is paramount to Nijanthan, consistently exceeding expectations with visually striking and user-friendly websites. His commitment to staying updated with the latest trends ensures cutting-edge solutions. Beyond coding, Nijanthan enjoys photography, capturing landscapes, and exploring different cultures during his travels. He also keeps up with the latest tech advancements, reflecting his curiosity about shaping the digital world.

Nijanthan Shankar - Loop Digital


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