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October Digital Marketing Industry Update

In the ever-evolving landscape of the digital industry, October brought a whirlwind of changes and developments across various platforms. TikTok’s stream of updates, the decline of the app X, and some game-changing partnerships dominated the headlines. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Let’s dive right into the month’s most significant industry updates.

SEO News

October Core Update

In October, Google rolled out a significant core update, which had a duration of up to two weeks for full implementation. Our observations indicate that rankings have experienced fluctuations, underscoring the importance of exercising patience while awaiting stabilisation before making any hasty reactions to these alterations.

Furthermore, Google recently announced the rollout of another core update, scheduled to commence on November 2nd, with a projected two-week duration for full implementation. Although the specifics of these changes remain uncertain, there is a growing consensus that they are likely to centre around content enhancements.

Multimodal ChatGPT Upgrade

In a significant tech leap, ChatGPT introduced its latest multimodal version, GPT-4. This advanced iteration empowers users to upload and evaluate a wide range of document types, paving the way for more versatile communication. GPT-4 All Tools boasts advanced data analysis, integration with DALL·E 3, and even built-in web browsing capabilities. With these new features, third-party ChatGPT plugins might soon become obsolete, showcasing the rapid evolution of AI-powered communication tools.

Social News

TikTok Keeps Bringing Updates

TikTok is making waves with a flurry of game-changing updates. Firstly, the platform is experimenting with 15-minute video uploads, potentially revolutionising content creation by providing more time for in-depth storytelling. Moreover, TikTok has unveiled an exciting partnership with Disney, promising new opportunities for Disney enthusiasts to engage within the app. The platform is also in talks with Google to enhance its discoverability and boost search traffic, indicating TikTok’s ambitions to remain at the forefront of the social media landscape.

The Decline Of X (Former Twitter)

X, formerly known as Twitter, is facing a challenging phase as user engagement continues to decline amid various changes. The platform is even considering a bold move: removing all engagement counts and buttons on posts, leaving only ‘Views’ to gauge content popularity.

LinkedIn’s Traffic Driving Update

LinkedIn has enhanced its collaborative articles feature, which has become a key part of traffic generation on the platform. This update makes LinkedIn more appealing to content creators and marketers, offering a fertile ground for sharing and engaging with professional content.

HubSpot x TikTok

In the realm of B2B, HubSpot and TikTok have forged a CRM partnership with a focus on lead generation. This collaboration presents exciting prospects for businesses seeking to tap into TikTok’s rapidly expanding user base.

YouTube’s AI Advancements

YouTube is rolling out a set of new creator tools that include generative AI options. This significant development promises to change content creation on the platform, equipping creators with more advanced tools for video production and enhancing the overall viewer experience.

PPC News

YouTube Ads Spotlight Moments 

YouTube released its new feature that will let AI control the sorting of videos using video identification and sorting to maximise ad placement within users content. It will relate to key cultural moments to identify a selection of top-performing videos and then pull them into a branded hub, complete with the advertiser’s logo.

Microsoft Released Its Own Target CPA & Maximise Conversions

Microsoft has moved these two features to general availability, in short, marketers can use the automated bid in all places where they can use Audience Ads. This makes life easier for advertisers and allows them to automate another procedure of their strategies. Advertisers can now better maintain flexibility and control over budget and success metrics.

Google Ads Platform Restored After Three-Day Outage Affecting Multiple Ad Accounts

In October, the Google Ads platform underwent an outage that impacted numerous advertising accounts by halting ad distribution starting on October 10th. The problem was successfully addressed and resolved by October 13th. Additionally, the Google Ads platform has been probing into a separate display-related issue that started on October 24th.

Meta Unveils Ad-Free Facebook And Instagram Subscriptions In Europe

A totally ad-free experience will cost users up to €12.99 per month, with Meta planning to roll out additional fees next year. Users that opt to pay for a subscription, which will cost €9.99 per month on the web or €12.99 per month on iOS and Android, will not have their information used for ads.

Digital Marketing News

TikTok Unveils Out Of Phone Out Of Home Ad Solution ForBbrands

TikTok is making a bold move in the advertising space by introducing its “Out of Phone Out of Home” ad solution for brands. This approach allows brands to extend their TikTok campaigns to physical billboard advertising. This integration of online and offline marketing channels can create new opportunities for engaging with a wider audience and increasing brand visibility. You can add your campaign to billboards, cinema screens as well as bars, restaurants and fuel stations.

Google announces new AI features coming to Google Maps

Google is set to enhance the user experience of Google Maps by adding new AI features. They have shown a new feature called Immersive View for journeys. This provides users with a detailed preview of their journey from the start to the finish. It allows users to view routes from different perspectives as well as changing the time and day making it quite the interactive experience. They are also expanding their Lens feature which allows users to scan their camera around nearby buildings and POI’s. They are adding the feature to more than 50 cities globally.

G7 reported to agree on AI code of conduct

The Group of Seven (G7) nations is reportedly in agreement on establishing a code of conduct for artificial intelligence. This development reflects the growing recognition of the importance of ethical AI practices. 

Content News

26% of top 100 websites are blocking ChatGPT Bot

In a surprising development, it has been reported that 26% of the top 100 websites are actively blocking access to ChatGPT Bot. The reasons behind this move are not provided, but it highlights a potential shift in how websites handle bots and automated interactions. Marketers and businesses relying on chatbots or automated customer support should closely monitor this trend and its implications for their online presence. It may prompt a reevaluation of the role of chatbots in website strategies and the need for more transparent and user-friendly bot interactions to ensure a positive online user experience.

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