PCM Transport and Handling Equipment

Enhancing Brand Identity and Website Functionality for PCM Transport and Handling Equipment

The Client Goals

  • PCM Transport and Handling Equipment approached Loop Digital seeking a complete website redesign to transition from a conventional online presence to a modern, user-centric platform. 
  • As PCM aimed to showcase its extensive range of products and services, the primary objective was to develop a brochure site that would effectively highlight its offerings.
  • It was imperative that the new website be clean, fresh, and easy to navigate, ensuring a seamless user experience for visitors. 
  • In the transport industry, brochure sites play a crucial role in driving leads and raising awareness by providing potential customers with valuable information about the company’s capabilities and offerings. 
  • Loop Digital understood the significance of creating a visually appealing and user-friendly website tailored to PCM’s specific needs, setting the stage for a successful partnership.
PCM Transport and Handling Success Story

The Strategy

As Loop Digital, we embarked on the PCM journey, streamlining the web build process to ensure a seamless experience for our client. Our approach began with PCM completing a comprehensive website brief, outlining their preferences, including colours, styles, and desired outcomes. This step served as the foundation for our collaborative efforts, allowing us to tailor our approach to PCM’s specific vision.

With a clear understanding of PCM’s requirements, we proceeded to craft a captivating homepage design, providing PCM with an opportunity to review and provide feedback. This iterative process allowed for adjustments to be made, ensuring the final design aligned perfectly with PCM’s expectations.

Transitioning into the build phase, our developers leveraged PCM’s feedback to bring the website to life, incorporating all necessary functionalities and design elements. Throughout this stage, open communication remained paramount, allowing for any modifications or enhancements to be addressed promptly.

PCM Transport - Website Design Case Study

Content creation played a crucial role during the development process, leveraging PCM’s existing SEO-enhanced content from the current site. Although, the content went through minor modifications and incorporated guaranteeing a smooth integration of a unified and captivating narrative across the entire website.

Once the initial build was complete, we presented PCM with a staging site, providing an opportunity for final review and any necessary amendments. This collaborative approach ensured that PCM’s feedback was integrated seamlessly, resulting in a polished final product.

With the site perfected, we facilitated a smooth transition to the live environment, closely monitoring for any bugs or issues that may arise. Our two-week bug window provided PCM with peace of mind, allowing for any additional tweaks or adjustments to be addressed promptly.

In addition to website development, Loop Digital was entrusted to host and maintain the website, prioritising security and reliability. By offering comprehensive hosting services, including regular backups, we ensured PCM’s online presence remained secure and accessible at all times.

PCM Transport - eCommerce Website

Final Design

Loop Digital’s dedication to excellence culminated in a website design that seamlessly blended PCM’s brand identity with user-friendly functionality.
We meticulously integrated key features into the website, including:

  • A secure login area for customers, providing access to a personalised dashboard of orders.
  • A comprehensive knowledge centre, offering valuable resources and information to enhance user engagement and facilitate informed decision-making.
  • Each element of the design was carefully crafted to prioritise usability and align with PCM’s brand vision, ensuring a cohesive and impactful online presence.
  • The website’s intuitive interface and robust features serve to elevate PCM’s online platform, providing a seamless experience for visitors and driving engagement and conversions.
  • PCM’s satisfaction with the final design underscores our commitment to delivering tailored solutions that exceed expectations and support our client’s growth and success.
PCM Handling - Homepage Design

Additional Projects

After the successful completion of the website project, Loop Digital was excited to continue collaborating with PCM Transport and Handling Equipment on additional initiatives to further enhance their online presence and drive engagement.

  • Implemented strategic SEO tactics to optimise PCM’s website for search engines.
  • Created engaging video content to convey PCM’s brand message effectively.
  • Developed an additional brochure to provide comprehensive information about PCM’s products and services.
  • Continued our partnership with PCM to support their marketing efforts and drive awareness of their brand online.
  • Additionally, we transitioned PCM’s brochure site into an eCommerce platform shortly after its launch, enabling them to seamlessly showcase and sell their products online and expand their customer reach.
Smart Blinds Online - Website Design Case Study

About PCM Transport and Handling

PCM Transport and Handling, formerly known as PCM Fluid Power Ltd, boasts over 30 years of industry expertise in supplying commercial vehicle hydraulic equipment and related products and services.

With a diverse range of offerings, including steel and aluminium hydraulic oil tanks, crane attachments, grab buckets, and more, PCM is committed to meeting the evolving needs of its customers.

PCM’s dedication to innovation is evident in the recent addition of Engineering and Manufacturing services, highlighted by the launch of the Ritespec Towlift Crane Trailer, a hydraulic crane mounted on a four-wheel trailer.

As a trusted partner to OEM companies and fleet operators, PCM prioritises customer satisfaction, offering full after-sales support and technical backup, along with a dedicated customer trade counter for convenient access to their extensive product range.

PCM Transport and Handling

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