What Would Happen if You Stopped Doing SEO?

You’ve reached the top position of all rankings… Do you stop doing SEO? The simple answer is no. Once the momentum stops and your rankings start falling in the wrong direction, it’s incredibly hard to get them to stop and even reverse.

Today, we will be delving into the importance of keeping your SEO going and preventing that horrible fall to position 100 or even lower!

Let’s delve into why you should continue with SEO:

Why Should I Continue with SEO?

It’s not uncommon for a business to want to stop SEO after reaching those profitable top positions. Many people feel like they should take a break, to see where it takes them. But, realistically, this is one of the worst things you can do for your rankings. Just like I mentioned before, it will end in a downwards spiral which is very difficult to bring back.

What Happens if I Stop Posting Content?

There are a number of things that happen when one stops publishing fresh, keyword-rich, content to their site on a regular basis.

One of the main effects that a lack of fresh content creates is the reduced traffic your website may suffer from. When a new blog or article is produced and uploaded to your site, a new page is made, which is another page you can rank for. Rankings result in traffic, however, when blogs are stopped, your traffic tends to take a big hit. Now, who wants that? I certainly don’t. 

New, fresh content can help you rank for new keywords. And, as a business, the overall goal of search engine optimisation is to rank, is it not? Without fresh content, you simply can’t rank for any new keywords.

When you stop creating fresh content, it’s not only your website that is affected but your social media can take a hit too. A large sum of blog traffic tends to come from social media, where people may be sharing your content. Without fresh content, people can’t share, learn, and find your website.

To put this lightly, if you stop producing new content for your website, your website starts a slow, painful fall in rankings. Google no longer sees your business as a knowledgeable source. This will result in landing yourself in the rankings graveyard.

What Would Happen if I Stopped Fixing Technical Issues? 

Let’s be honest, taking care of your website can be a tough job. Especially when it comes to staying on top of those pesky technical issues. But without fixing these technical issues, your site would simply start to overload with problems and result in a painful death for your website and online presence.

Think of your website as a garden. It requires maintenance and care, otherwise, it will become overgrown and start to look like a jungle. If it becomes a jungle, it can be very easy to get lost on your website, making it more difficult to fix any issues which may arise. 


What Happens if You Stop Watching Out for Bad Backlinks? 

One of the most important parts of an SEO campaign is to conduct a backlink profile as well as a link disavow if needed. When you stop doing SEO, you will no longer be able to keep an eye out for those bad links, which results in a negative impact on your site. Keeping up to date with your link disavow profile is key to a successful SEO campaign and remaining in those lucrative top spots.

What Happens if I Stop Building New Pages? 

Now, we lightly touched on this a moment ago. But when you stop an SEO campaign one of the main effects is the loss in new pages. This results in a loss in keyword growth momentum, meaning you will no longer be ranking for new keywords and search terms. 

To put this lightly, if you stop producing new pages, you will lose your competitive advantage. It’s as simple as that. New pages are great for your website, so why would anyone want to stop creating them?

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Now that we’ve discussed just a few of the reasons why you shouldn’t stop SEO, I have one question, why would someone want to stop an SEO campaign?

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Emily Bradnam

Emily joined the Loop Digital team as an apprentice in 2018 and now plays a key role within the marketing team as an SEO Executive. Her main responsibilities are to identify strategies, techniques and tactics to improve the number of online visitors to client’s websites. Driving growth and profit for our client-partners.

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