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Is your website outdated? Are your competitors looking better? There’s so much to consider with designing and developing a website from a technical perspective, however Loop Digital does all of this for you, so let’s get creative for your Rotherham business.

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Why does my website need a new design?

I do not like my website's appearance

This is a common motivation for businesses to invest in a new website. It’s crucial, as your website shapes the first impression customers have of your business. A unique design boasts a clean, appealing layout and professional visuals.

My website is not mobile friendly

By utilising your data it empowers you to prioritise either mobile or desktop optimisation. Yet, given that over 60% of users access websites via smartphones, mobile optimisation is fast becoming a critical consideration.

You can't find your website on Rotherham Google results

During the website design phase, building out your website architecture logically with clear navigation, will boost your visibility in Google search results for Rotherham.

My website isn't providing leads or sales

Crafting a user-friendly website is paramount for generating leads and driving sales. Streamlining navigation in your website design alongside easily accessible forms and ‘Buy Now’ buttons expertly direct your customers to their desired destination.

What is Website Design?

Website design is in relation to the design of the website that you see, rather than the software development behind the scenes. Web design now focuses largely on mobile or tablet designs first rather than desktop but its important that your website works for both. A web designer will focus on elements such as:

  • Colours
  • Fonts
  • Imagery
  • Layouts
  • Structure
  • Flow
  • Rotherham design focus
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What are the typical costs for website design and development?

The cost of website design and development can vary significantly depending on several factors, including the complexity of the project, the features and functionality required and the web development platform.

Brochure Website Design and Development

Prices start from


  • Bespoke design
  • A simple static website
  • Standard page builds included
  • Minimal functionality
  • Blog section
  • Perfect for small business

E-commerce Website Design and Development

Prices start from


  • Bespoke design
  • E-commerce website design
  • WooCommerce setup and configuration
  • Product listings & shopping cart functionality
  • Perfect for mid sized businesses

Bespoke requirements?

Features included with brochure/eccomerce but looking for something else?

  • Multiple locations & possible multi language
  • Interaction/animated effects
  • Higher level of functionality such as online booking systems or directory listing
  • In depth wireframes
  • Ideal for larger corporations or enterprises that need highly optimised websites

How the website design and development process works


Our dedicated team combines research with your invaluable industry insights to meticulously blueprint a tailor-made sitemap for your dream business website. Our goal is to ensure both feasibility and affordability while staying laser-focused on your unique business identity, objectives, and target audience.

Website Design & Development

Your completed project brief empowers us with the insights to understand your preferences and expectations, enabling us to create a design that resonates perfectly with your vision. This meticulous process ensures your utmost satisfaction. Subsequently, our skilled developers transform this design into a fully functioning website on our staging server, so you can see it and approve it before your customers do.


The following phase involves seamlessly integrating content and images into your website. Opting for our content creation services ensures SEO optimisation focusing on Rotherham, propelling you towards the rankings and visibility you rightly deserve. In the case of E-commerce websites, this stage can include the uploading of your product data. Alternatively, if you have proficient in-house content creators, we can give you access to the staging server so they can input the content directly into the new site.

Testing & Go live

With the website carefully designed and constructed, we rigorously test your website to ensure it delivers optimal performance. If you’ve opted for SEO migration from your previous site, rest assured that we’ll thoroughly validate its smooth completion.

Now, the moment you’ve been waiting for, your impeccably designed website is primed and ready for its grand launch!

Need a website audit before you start?

Complete the form below and have your results within 24 hours! Audits are manually reviewed by a web design consultant that understands the Rotherham Area.

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A website that enabled users to purchase products easily

Our team of developers and designers meticulously crafted a custom website that elegantly addresses the common barriers and challenges encountered by online users. By prioritising the needs of the client’s diverse target audience, we’ve guaranteed that the Sight and Sound website offers a seamless and inclusive browsing experience for all, resulting in increased sales.

Sight and Sound eCommerce website design on a laptop screen - Loop Digital


Product uploads


Accessibility reader


Years in partnership

Need help planning your Rotherham website?

Whatever you need, we can tailor an website solution for your Rotherham business. With many years of experience helping a huge and diverse range of customers, we can find the right package for you to reach your business goals.

Rotherham Businesses

Discover the digital opportunities waiting for you in Rotherham with our tailored web design solutions. Loop Digital, equipped with extensive expertise and a track record of delivering compelling results, stands as your reliable ally in outperforming competitors in Rotherham’s competitive digital arena. Whether your business has longstanding roots in Rotherham or is just starting its online journey, rely on Loop Digital for top-tier web design services. Opt for us to enhance your online presence in Rotherham and seize the myriad opportunities this dynamic town offers.

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Have you thought about your website hosting?

In order to have your website online, it needs to be hosted on a server. Hosting costs can range depending on your choice of managed or unmanaged hosting.

Our managed hosting is a completely comprehensive package. This includes automated backups, regular updates, and vigilant security checks. Think of it like the updates your phone apps or web browsers receive – you want them to enhance, not disrupt, your website.

On the flip side, unmanaged hosting places these responsibilities squarely on your shoulders. Costs primarily cover server space, with prices varying according to the server’s grade.

At Loop Digital, we champion managed hosting as the ultimate user-friendly solution, and we’re committed to providing our partners with the finest support available.

Website servers and maintenance - Loop Digital

What about your ongoing website improvements?

Your business is not static, so neither should your website. Maybe you have a new product or service? Maybe you are no longer providing a service? Or maybe you want to try a new location! By having an ongoing website improvement package you can continue to build and develop your website, keeping up to date with the latest trends.

Web developer updating website code - Web Maintenance Services - Loop Digital

How can I be supported with a website error?

It’s far from ideal for your business and your customers but websites can sometimes break… that’s where we swoop in and take care of it for you. We can fix everything from the dreaded white screen of death to conflicting plugins and hack attempts. Our clued up developers are well versed in the history of WordPress and it’s many many plugins and integrations so we’re always happy to be on hand to support your website needs. Our reasonable priced web maintenance service includes:

  • 1 working day guaranteed response
  • Office hours 8:30am – 5:00pm
  • Support on phone/email
  • 1 hour investigation (fix or quote supplied)
  • Discounted rates on fixes
Website support services - Loop Digital

Ready to boost your website traffic and leads? Let’s talk!

For a chat about how we can provide consistent and sustainable growth for your business, get in touch with our friendly team today. We’ve already helped dozens of unique business find success through our website design solutions and would love to help you too.

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