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November Digital Marketing Industry Update

In this month’s update, we see another Google core Update, GA4 integrating with Salesforce and also major advertisers pulling out of X. Find out all the latest information from the last month in the November Industry Update.

SEO News

Core Update
After having a core Google update in October, we were faced with another core update throughout November. We saw a lot of volatility and complaints from SEO’s about the rollout. It had a very fast impact and lasted a while, this started on the 2nd and lasted 25 days and 21 hours! What we need to do now, is be patient to see the effects.

GA4 Updates 

New Admin Interface
We have seen a new interface within the admin section being added to GA4. It makes the platform more streamlined and has moved settings that affect how your data appears into the reports section. This change makes it easier to do your tasks in fewer clicks.

GA4 X Salesforce
GA4 is now syncing with Salesforce CRM. It is available to both Analytics 360 and standard GA4. You can sync audiences in your Sales Cloud and they will be available in the audience section of GA4. Once set up any audience you create in the cloud will automatically be transferred to GA4 and begin collecting data ready for you.

Attribution Models Changing
First click, linear, time decay, position-based models are being removed from GA4 properties. This may come as a shock to some GA4 users however for the majority it makes the data simpler and more easily digestible. From now on this will now just be organic or paid attribution. 

Social News

Major Advertisers Pull Out Of X (Twitter)
The company, now owned by Elon Musk, is facing a potential loss of up to $75 million in advertising revenue by the end of the year due to dozens of major brands pausing their marketing. This includes Disney pulling out as an advertiser.

New Report On TikTok News Consumption
The share of U.S. adults regularly getting news from TikTok has risen from 3% in 2020 to 14% in 2023. Around 43% of TikTok users say they regularly get their news from the platform. 

Deleting Threads Account Without Deleting Instagram
Instagram boss Adam Mosseri announced a new feature that allows users to delete their Threads profile without deleting their Instagram account. 

Threads Launches Topic Tags In Posts
Threads has introduced a new test of topic tags in posts, allowing users to link their Threads updates to a broader selection of posts on the same subject. 

Google Adds More Generative AI Elements To Search
Google has introduced a new gift recommendation element into its AI-based search generative experience (SGE), designed to help users find more relevant product matches, expanding the SGE to over 120 new regions.

Meta’s Deal With Amazon 
Meta has made a deal with Amazon, enabling Facebook and Instagram users to purchase Amazon products in-stream. 

Usage Of X (Twitter) Declining
There have been reports suggesting that Twitter’s usage may be declining amid various changes implemented by Elon Musk and his team.

Meta Expands Broadcast Channels
Following its success on Instagram, Meta is extending its broadcast channels to Facebook and Messenger, providing more ways for creators to share updates with their audience. 

PPC News

Google Rolls Out Generative AI Tools 
These tools could greatly benefit advertisers by providing swift generation and modification of product images, potentially saving time and reducing the need for professional photo editors. Yet, the quality of Product Studio’s AI-generated images remains untested, and there are also important considerations regarding copyright issues associated with AI-generated content.

Tasks range from simple modifications like changing the background color behind product images or establishing a solid backdrop, to more complex tasks like arranging products within particular scenes. These tools also offer the capability to improve low-quality images, eliminating the need for a reshoot.

Google Rolls Out New Shopping Features
Google is rolling out new features to help brands engage with shoppers this holiday season:

  1. A new deals hub – The search engine’s deals hub has been designed to make it easy for consumers to discover discounted products from various websites in one location.
  2. New pricing tools – Google is launching several new pricing capabilities to encourage conversions, including:

o   A dedicated deals page that organizes millions of deals from thousands of brands and retailers in one place.

o   A “resume browsing” card on Chrome on the desktop that shows shoppers products they recently viewed on shopping sites.

o   A new Discount tag icon in the Chrome address bar to see available coupon codes from the site that shoppers are visiting.

  1. The annual Holiday 100 – Google is also launching its annual list of 100 gift ideas and insights based on trending searches throughout the year. Here, consumers will be able to explore shopping trends and gift ideas across categories like Wellness Essentials, Accessories, Home & Garden, Electronics, Travel, Stocking Stuffers, and Toys & Games.

Meta Unveils Five New Lead Generation Ad Tools For Facebook And Instagram
Quality leads can save businesses time and resources as they have a greater chance of turning interest into actual sales. Given the higher likelihood of conversion, leveraging tools to optimize lead generation is crucial for marketers as this approach not only ensures more efficient campaigns but also maximizes the return on investment.

What are the features?

1.  Click on WhatsApp lead gen

2.  Instant form ad format

3.  Calling leads on Facebook.

4.   Advantage+ for Lead Gen

5.   Hubspot

Google Performance Max Adds New AI Features
Google explained that its new PMax generative AI features can be used in two ways:

  • Text generation: Agencies and brands can create new headlines, descriptions, and images to test fresh creative ideas alongside their current ones. Additionally, they can employ image editing to experiment with different versions of both existing and generated images.
  • Image generation: For businesses with limited creative resources, you can use a few prompts to bring your creative ideas to reality and swiftly produce high-quality image assets for your campaign. These assets can serve as the basis for your creative concepts, and image editing allows you to effortlessly experiment with new versions to enhance your impact and insights.

Meta unveils new AI tools for video asset creation and picture editing

Meta has previewed two new generative AI tools for video asset creation and picture editing.

The projects will eventually be rolled out to Facebook and Instagram, enabling content creators to generate videos and edit in-stream images within seconds using text prompts.

Apple Pulls All Ads From X
Apple is reportedly pulling all of its adverts from X after Elon Musk endorsed an antisemitic conspiracy theory. More than 160 Jewish rabbis and activists have been calling on Apple, Google, Amazon and Disney to stop advertising on X after Musk endorsed an antisemitic post earlier this week.

The tech giant has allegedly also been concerned about its products being promoted alongside far-right content, according to Axios.

YouTube Is Deliberately ‘Suboptimal’ For People Using Ad Blockers
YouTube has admitted to intentionally creating a suboptimal experience for users employing ad blockers.

Reports of a deliberate five-second delay in loading video pages on Mozilla’s Firefox have emerged on forums like Reddit and Hacker News.

Despite initial speculation about browser specificity, YouTube has clarified that users across all platforms may encounter loading delays. This deliberate delay is part of YouTube’s ongoing campaign to discourage the use of ad blockers.

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