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You may have heard the phrase ‘email marketing is dead’ and we’re here to tell you that simply isn’t true. Almost 60% of B2B businesses say that email marketing is their most effective channel at generating revenue.

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Types of email marketing you could be sending

Promotional emails

These emails are great for letting your subscribers know about new services, offers, events or other initiatives you are running.

Newsletter emails

Engage with your audience on a regular basis providing important updates and knowledge sharing.

Lead nurturing emails

These types of emails are designed to build and maintain relationships with your leads or potential customers over time.

Welcome emails

A welcome email is the first message sent to a new subscriber or customer shortly after they sign up, subscribe, or make a purchase on a website, online platform, or e-commerce store.

Abandoned cart emails

The primary goal of abandoned cart emails is to remind customers of their abandoned items, and encourage them to return to the website to complete the purchase.

Review emails

Review emails are a valuable tool for businesses to gather customer feedback and they can influence potential customer purchases.

How to create an email marketing strategy?

Define objectives

Begin by defining clear and specific objectives for your email marketing campaigns. These objectives should align with your overall business goals. For example, you may aim to increase online sales, grow your subscriber list or improve customer retention. This way you know which type of emails you need.

Creating content

When you know your goals and who you are targeting we can then create exciting designs that match your branding for consistency. Content is then created to fill these emails. 

Implement automation

With some email campaigns, we need to set up the automated workflows or triggers. These hugely benefit the business as you can send your message at the right time for your customer rather than when is convenient for the marketer.

Measure, analyse and optimise

Monitoring key performance metrics means the email campaigns can be constantly enhanced and improved.

What are the typical costs for an email marketing campaign?

From just £500 a month we can provide consistent and sustainable growth for your business. Investing in our email services can pay back by helping you reach, convert and retain customers and achieve your business goals.

Bespoke email design

Prices start from


  • Designed to your brand guidelines
  • Professional service
  • ROI focused designs
  • HTML template
  • Round of amends
  • Responsive for different inboxes

Email marketing management

Prices start from

£500 / month

  • Content creation
  • Campaign creation
  • Sending and scheduling 
  • Monitoring responses
  • A/B testing
  • Report creation
  • Monthly consultation with Account Manager

Bespoke Solutions

Whatever you need, we can tailor an email marketing solution to you and your business. With many years of experience helping a huge and diverse range of customers, we can find the right package for you to reach your business targets.

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Not sure where to start on your email marketing journey?

Let’s talk! We’ve got a genuine interest in learning about different businesses like yours, and exploring what goals you want to achieve and why. We not only support you, we want to work in partnership to find the right email marketing solutions for you.

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is essential when a brand sends commercial emails to list of contacts to promote their products or services. Commonly used as an additional branch to a wider digital marketing strategy, the goal of email marketing is to ultimately generate sales. But it is also leveraged as a powerful tool to build brand advocacy and loyalty.

A strong email marketing strategy focuses on meeting your target audience where they are in their buyer journey. This supports your business to send brand messages that resonate with the target market. Email marketing is so much more than blanket marketing to your database, with modern technology, we have the ability to segment and target your emails to the people most likely to find value from your content and influence action.

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Nurture your leads & build relationships

Modern customer journeys are often disjointed and elongated, it’s crucial your business can reach out to your prospects at the right time, failing to do so can disrupt the relationship you have with the customer. With an integrated CRM, we can monitor where your prospects are in their buyer’s journey. This then enables us to craft and personalise messages to individuals or groups of users based upon their specific needs, contributing to a seamless user experience.

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Email marketing campaigns, done right

Email promotions and campaigns are one of the awesome ways you can harness the power of email marketing, and our creative team love an opportunity to think outside the box. That’s where all the magic happens. More and more, brands have to come up with inventive email campaigns to engage their target audience, and if you do it right, the results can be spectacular. In addition to the campaign itself, our tech and design team build unique content for your email campaigns that are optimised and accessible on mobile and other smart devices.

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Ready to boost your website traffic? Let’s talk!

For a chat about how we can provide consistent and sustainable growth for your business, get in touch with our friendly team today. We’re always on the lookout for new clients we can support and go into partnership with; no challenge is too big or small. We’ve already helped dozens of unique businesses find success through our email marketing services and would love to help you too.

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