Protea Wellness

The Client.

Established in 2017, Protea Wellness are a UK-based health and wellbeing supplement business. The client produces and markets an impressive selection of natural and vegan-friendly products for the commercial market. Protea pride themselves on their array of unique products crafted using only high-quality ingredients.

Protea Wellness Logo

The Challenge.

Protea Wellness are a business with a first-class catalogue of products, they needed a first-class website that served a purpose and was harmoniously aligned with the overall brand ethos.

Our client wanted an engaging website that was easy to browse and encouraged users along their journey through to purchase. Prior to working with us, Protea traded via Amazon with no dedicated website of their own. We wanted to craft a site that helped our client stand out in what is a considerably crowded marketplace.

One of our key goals was to ensure all elements of the brand were communicated in the right way. Expressing the high-quality and natural differentiators of their products. All brand elements had to work collectively and consistently to reinforce the unique value proposition of the business.

With all of these design elements working cohesively we were able to position Protea Wellness as a trusted leader in their niche. A trustworthy brand can influence users along their purchasing journey more efficiently.

Protea tablet and phone

Our Solution.

Protea initially reached out to us with a number of hand-drawn illustrative assets that they had commissioned as a basis for the design for their brand. The client outlined their specific design vision which gave us some great context into their visual preferences.

With these assets as a baseline, we were able to build out their vision within their website.

With these assets in hand, we were able to expand these out across the different web pages. We wanted to elevate the brand and bring the vision to life whilst maintaining alignment with their core brand values.

We embellished the variety of original illustrative assets with some creative additions to showcase the purpose of each unique product. We wanted to build an association between the graphics and products in a way that can be easily associated by users without requiring too much thinking.

Alongside the specific imagery and brand mascots, we created background imagery that again, was associated with the specific product page. Including elements of ingredients that varied across the client’s different product offerings. Additional spots of imagery were specifically chosen with the brand and products in mind to achieve complete alignment across the site.

Regarding development, our client was also keen to have integrated functionality to enable users to purchase products online. To do this, we integrated the Woocommerce plugin with our bespoke WordPress build. This then added to functionality to purchase and manage orders in a safe and secure environment.

Like many of our other sites, we ensured optimal mobile-friendliness, from buttons and sliders to copy and forms. We provided a website that works and looks just as good, if not better on mobile.


The Results.

With a meticulously designed website, Protea Wellness now has an engaging platform to sell its great range of unique health and wellness products. The website is configured for ease of use for both admins and their front-end visitors. Our team of developers and designers have crafted a bespoke website that harmoniously clicks with the home brand, and influences action from visitors.

Similarly, with our other web design and development clients, we continue to manage and maintain their website for total peace of mind. We’re so pleased to have been involved with their online journey and being able to lay the foundations of their online growth.

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