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The Best Digital Marketing Campaigns

As 2022 comes to an end, it’s time to take a look back at some of the best digital campaigns of the last 12 months. The year saw its fair share of iconic moments that seemed to dwarf the world of digital marketing, but even still, agencies across the country worked harder than ever to produce work that wowed and engaged their target audiences.

As digital marketing continues to evolve and new technologies emerge, companies and agencies alike are coming up with innovative and creative campaigns to reach their target audiences and achieve their marketing goals. In this blog, we will highlight some of the best digital marketing campaigns from the past year that stood out for their uniqueness, effectiveness, and overall impact.

We’ve written an article about the best digital marketing campaigns of 2021 too, so be sure to check that one after. Without further ado, join us as we round off the year with our review of the best digital campaigns.

1. Dove – #SelfieTalk Campaign

Dove’s reverse selfie advert was one of the most effective marketing campaigns in the beauty industry this year. It shows the process of a young girl getting ready for a selfie, and then editing and uploading it. The twist is that the whole thing is played in reverse, showing the true young age of the girl at the end. It’s an advert that clearly highlights the topic at hand and uses the simplicity of it all to drive home its point.  

Dove selfie talk digital marketing campaign
Source: Dove

Alongside the video, there was a series of out-of-home and digital photographic posters that featured a portrait of a girl, one half edited and the other half natural. Simple text such as ‘Retouching her face also crops her confidence’ sits alongside the image.  

It’s perhaps no surprise that the video was popular on social media platforms, especially Instagram. Snippets were commonly shared online and parents were encouraged to have #TheSelfieTalk with their children. 

The advert followed the growing trend of acceptance within the industry, challenging its history of promoting perfection, especially in women. It also showcased the unhealthy lengths that young girls will go to when uploading pictures on social media.

The campaign is simple but effective and is a stark look at the problems facing the vast majority of young girls. We love it when big brands make a stand, and Dove has certainly done that. 

2. CBP London – Imagine Campaign

CPB London created a simple yet effective out-of-home campaign. The campaign featured a collection of posters and postcards that aimed to challenge our own unconscious biases. The campaign took a nationwide study and used the data to discover that 39% of children believe that their mums should do the housework, and dads should be the ones to go to work. From this, it was clear that more needed to be done to challenge gender stereotypes and educate younger children. 

The campaign works by pointing the questions at the audience. Posters were set up to ask the audience a simple question such as ‘imagine a CEO’ before predicting that you probably imagined a man. This directly made people assess their own unconscious bias on the roles of gender in modern society. 

cpd london equality campaign
Source: CPB London

CPB also went on to create a children’s colouring book to ensure that the bias of today isn’t passed onto the next generation. It asked kids to draw a character in a scenario – a firefighter helping to put out a blaze for example. By doing so the gender bias can often be seen clearly, giving parents a great opportunity to discuss these topics further with their children.

This was a very powerful print and digital marketing campaign and it is no surprise that it was a great success. It got over 250K engagements on social media and posters were seen in cinemas and billboards around the UK for International Women’s Day 2022.

We love it because it asks questions of its audience. It also uses the power of a simple piece of data to quickly make its point. When making a marketing campaign it’s important to remember the power of data, especially when handling subjects that are sensitive. 

3. Confluence – Go ‘Meet-less’ Campaign

Tech brand Confluence chose a witty food-related pun as the name of their digital marketing campaign. The ‘Meet-less’ campaign was not in fact anything to do with the kitchen, instead relating to their new flagship feature – a real-time collaboration tool that helps professional teams share knowledge and ideas. 

It began on social media as a short but effective video. As you might imagine there was no shortage of play on words and the video showed a laptop opening on a bed of vegetables to the words ‘100% meet-less team collaboration software’. It was smart and funny, using humour effectively to push their new product. 

Next, it was time to show what the ‘meet-less’ feature could do. A second video was released online which showcased the behind-the-scenes, day–in-the-life of four common office-based roles. The video was titled ‘Confluence Your Way’ and essentially showcased how the feature could be used by everyone in the workplace to simplify and streamline processes. 

The video was a great success and racked up over 180,000 views. We love the campaign for its unique use of humour. It shows that B2B marketing can be fun and highlights that everyone enjoys a good pun once in a while. 

4. Binley Mega Chippy – Viral Video

Novelty or not, this fiercely catchy video and jingle helped a small chip shop in Coventry gain more business than they ever thought possible. It started out as an ironic TikTok that showed a series of UK chip shops, one of which was Binley Mega Chippy. The video slowly rose to fame online in April but was ultimately dwarfed by the popularity of the second video that came out the month after. 

A simple 10-second slideshow video with a jingle that got stuck in every TikTok user’s head was enough to amount to 1.7 million views in just one month. The chip shop was suddenly everywhere online and the public and influencers from all across the world were making the pilgrimage to Coventry to visit the Chip Shop for themselves. 

Binley mega chipping viral marketing campaign
Source: Sky News

We love this story because it totally encapsulates the power of viral social media marketing. It’s important to add that this campaign was purely accidental and didn’t come from Binley Mega Chippy itself. They did however use the situation to their advantage as they brought out a range of merchandise and started the hashtag #BeenToBinleyMegaChippy.   

5. Gymshark – #gymshark66 Campaign

Sports clothing empire Gymshark started its extremely successful #GYMSHARK66 campaign in 2022. It took a different approach to marketing and asked its audience to do the work for them. It challenged people to make 3 positive changes in their life over a 66-day period. This could be anything from going to the gym more often to drinking more water throughout the day.

gymshark sports brand digital marketing campaign
Source: Gymshark

It worked because it used the audience as a means of spreading the message. Users can record their progress on social media as they went, using the #Gymshark66 tag when they did. This caused a chain reaction of engagement as users posted and shared their stories every day with the rest of the Gymshark community.

This unique approach helped the campaign be a great success – it currently has 193 million views on TikTok and well over 700,000 posts on Instagram. The first Gymshark66 campaign was so successful in fact, the sports and fitness giant is now re-running the campaign.

Digital Marketing with Loop Digital

Now that we’ve looked at the best digital campaigns from the year, it’s worth turning our focus inward to assess our own successes. Here at Loop Digital, we’ve also been hard at work this year producing effective marketing strategies for our diverse range of clients. Every year we get better at fulfilling their needs and by making sure their digital marketing works for them, we can guarantee long-term success. 

In 2022 we expanded our services and will look at developing them even further in 2023. We’ve been enhancing our portfolio of solutions from social media marketing to inbound marketing. It’s important that we’re always adding to our already impressive repertoire of marketing services to ensure that we remain ahead of trends and can continue to innovate.

By staying up-to-date and moving as new ideas and technologies develop, we can stay ahead of the curve and help brands get the most out of their investments in marketing.

We’ve also seen our own team grow in the last 12 months. We’re passionate about working with people who bring something new to the table and have their own unique skill sets. By doing so, we’re always going to have new ideas and fresh perspectives to generate even slicker solutions for our clients.

To find out more about the services on offer from Loop Digital, contact a member of our team today

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