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Tanya Khurana

A marketing enthusiast with a deep fascination towards Creativity, Advertising and Execution of those ideas through different channels that leave a mark within the customer’s mind. After completing her MSc in Marketing & Strategy from Warwick Business School back in 2013, Tanya began pursuing her career alongside some of the world’s best creative minds on groundbreaking campaigns for over 12 years.

Tanya joins us here at Loop to pursue a career into something which is truly different and unique and will add indefinite value to her learning curve. Beyond work, Tanya is a mum of a 6-year-old bunny (Arjun) and a pet parent to the most adorable dog ‘Mocha’. Tanya loves to travel and explore and is a fitness enthusiast where she tries to set aside a few hours a week towards that. She is a true experimenter and that means, you will mostly find her saying ‘WHY NOT’ to anything and everything.

Tanya - Loop Digital


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