Your Essential Guide To Inbound Marketing

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What is Inbound Marketing?

Enhance your digital marketing strategy, grow traffic to your website organically and secure high-quality leads with the help of our Inbound Marketing Guide. Pioneered by HubSpot, inbound marketing is about attracting your customers to you in a natural and organic way by providing valuable user experiences. By leveraging tactics like content marketing, email marketing and social media, you can guide your visitors through the buyer’s journey. In our latest digital marketing guide, we cover the bare basics of the inbound marketing methodology, from buyer personas to content planning. This downloadable resource includes practical and actionable tips and tricks to help you successfully execute your inbound marketing strategy.

Contents of the guide:

  • The Inbound Marketing Fundamentals
  • How An Inbound Strategy Can Benefit Your Business
  • The Marketing Flywheel
  • Creating Your Inbound Marketing Plan
  • Inbound Marketing Channels and Tactics
  • Implementation
  • Measuring Success – Inbound Marketing KPIs
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Building your brand awareness.

Thanks to technology even the smallest of brands can gain worldwide recognition, your target audience will be searching for solutions, you’ve just got to provide the right information. If you don’t offer the content they’re searching for, you can’t expect anyone to find you. Additionally, if you put together a particularly engaging piece of content your users could share it with their network extending that brand awareness further, allowing new prospects to discover you.

More bang for your buck.

Inbound marketing strategies are predominantly online-focused, the tactics are considerably cheaper to implement than the ‘old-school’ outbound methods like radio or TV advertising. A study conducted by HubSpot found that inbound marketing on average is 62% cheaper per lead than outbound marketing.

Generate better quality traffic. 

If you can produce content that is targeted to a desired audience or persona the traffic that is generated is likely to be of better quality and much more qualified to make a purchasing decision. It’s worth noting that the more often you produce quality content the more frequently users are likely to visit your site.

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