The Client.

SpaceVac are the world’s leading manufacturer of high-level vacuum cleaning and inspection systems. Home to a catalogue of pioneering technology that offer a cleaning system unlike any other.

With such an impressive host of products some of the biggest companies across the globe rely on SpaceVac as a core part of their cleaning and facilities management. From the likes of Facebook to Walt Disney they provide unrivalled cleaning performance across a huge range of businesses and industries.

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The Challenge.

Having found great success on their own over the years, SpaceVac were eager to expand into new territories and continue their path of growth. Keen to get the ball-rolling, SpaceVac sought the support of our talented team and our partnership began.

SpaceVac manufacture a number of unique cleaning devices for the commercial market. Due to the bespoke nature of these products there wasn’t a whole lot of knowledge or awareness surrounding them, reducing the overall demand and were unable to generate their desired level of service enquiries.

Like many other businesses, our client was striving to increase their lead generation abilities, but to do this effectively we had to create some buzz and awareness around their product offering. Bringing fresh and innovative products to the market can take time to build traction but we wanted to configure a plan that would accelerate this process.

Overall the SpaceVac UK website was receiving a fair amount of traffic prior to working with us, conversions remained low putting into question the quality of traffic coming through. After some investigation we learned that the low quality traffic was a result of less relevant backlinks and undesirable keyword targeting.

With little to no resources in-house to carry out the necessary tasks to meet their goals, SpaceVac sought the help of our agency and we got straight to work.

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Our Solution.

For a Digital Marketing strategy to work effectively and efficiently it needs to constructed on a foundation of solid research and insights.

Before we start any project we get to know the business, exploring overarching goals, the product/service offering and of course, their target market. From here we can distinguish key areas of opportunity for the business and identify where our expertise will work the strongest.

The research phase of the project allowed us to establish unique opportunities for SpaceVac. Using competitor research, technical audits and market research we were able to identify key areas for improvement and growth considering both quick-wins and the long-term successes.

After thorough consideration we came to the conclusion that the optimal route to success for SpaceVac would be to implement a SEO strategy.

Our SEO solution involved actioning a lot of the off and on-page oversights we discovered during our audits. Removing a number of undesirable backlinks to the site in a bid to improve the quality of traffic and targeting keywords related to their target market and industry.

We also made a number of technical upgrades to the sitewide security to reduce risks and to enhance the user experience.

Additionally, to further increase brand visibility and awareness for SpaceVac we produced a variety of blog content that illustrated the unique value proposition of the business and their products. Helping to strengthen users understanding of their offering and the numerous benefits.

Further down the line we continued to offer further recommendations for conversion rate optimization opportunities and other elements to take the site to the next level.


The Results.

Despite the unusual working climate we’ve all experienced in 2020 going into 2021 we’ve seen some great progress made throughout the first 6-months of this year.

After the initial implementation of our solution we’ve continued to provide both recommendations and action numerous optimisations.

In the last 6-months we’ve been able to double SpaceVac’s online visibility compared to the previous period.

During that same period we secured a further 6 top spots for highly-competitive keywords including a Local Pack and Site Link in the SERPs. Some of these keywords were previously ranking as low as 73 at the start of 2021.

The keyword positioning change over this period amounted to 162% in Google and 1066% in Bing!

As a result of increasing their visibility in search SpaceVac have seen an increase of 60% in Live Chat enquiries, now that’s what we call enhancing lead generation abilities.

We’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with this fantastic client. As the commercial market improves with more businesses reopening we can’t wait to see the future successes we can bring to their business.

Visibility 2X

Online Visibility doubled in 6-months

6 No.1 Spots

Secured 6 highly competitive keywords


Increase in Live Chat Enquiries

162% Up

Google Keyword Positions


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As a business looking to grow in a new market, we knew that we had to be embracing technology and innovation in a more proactive way each month and making this kind of activity a central plan in our marketing strategy. Our long term partnership with Loop Digital has helped us become a much more visible brand name in our sector and the impacts have been felt across our business as new clients and distributors all over the world find our products online. We have - and will continue to - recommend Loop Digital to any company looking to make more effective use of the web and grow their business online. SpaceVac
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