Sight and Sound Technology

The Client.

Sight and Sound Technology are a British leading provider of hardware and software to the visually impaired and those with learning and reading difficulties. Their array of accessibility products have been specifically designed to improve the lives of many whether at work, studying or home. Their commitment to innovation means their solutions are the best on the market.

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The Challenge.

Prior to working with Loop Digital, the Sight and Sound Technology website had no accessibility features so users with poor eyesight, difficulties with reading were not able to navigate or interact with the site. These users are one of the key target demographics for this client so it was crucial that these visitors also received a great user experience irrespective of their unique needs.

The relatively dated design did not successfully illustrate the high quality of the products and services offered by the business. Whilst the user navigation wasn’t particularly complex, there was certainly room for improvement in a bid to enhance metrics such as conversion rates and enquiry submissions.

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Our Solution.

To get started, we produced a technical specification to ensure we covered each and every element and feature the client wanted to be included within the new website. This tech spec outlined all of the information the client needed with expanded content that explored the bespoke additional aspects of the website.

These fundamental features included a screen-reader integration, a translation tool and further elements that enabled users to read or listen to the content on each page using text-to-speech features. These accessibility features were predetermined within our technical specification and ensured our client’s website was accessible to all of their users.

Being an online business we wanted to equip users with the ability to purchase products at any time. To do this, we integrated the Woocommerce platform alongside WordPress including a number of different payment options, as well as the flexible choice to pay later.

Alongside the purchase integrations, we created a user portal that allowed users to login into the site, view and edit personal details as well as explore details of past orders.

Aside from the users, we also implemented a number of features to improve the ease of use for admins via the backend of the site. Of which the key areas were the ability to edit/upload products, edit pages, review orders, add/delete users and reporting.

Improvements to the navigation and usability enabled users to explore the site with easier browsing and a more frictionless experience.

Considering the longevity of the project, our team of SEO and development experts also implemented site architecture improvements so that the site would perform better in the eyes of Google.


The Results.

We delivered an open-source website that enabled users to purchase various products and easily explore related information. Aside from the accessibility features, we also provided a powerful and flexible admin interface that equips the admin and front end user with a variety of functionalities.

Our team of developers and designers crafted a completed bespoke website that alleviated barriers and challenges that a number of users face when browsing online. Catering to the needs of the client’s target demographics, we ensured that the Sight and Sound website could be explored and enjoyed by all.

Like many of our previous website design and build clients, we continue to manage and maintain their site so that they can focus on the important elements of their business. Due to the success of the project and the longstanding relationship we have with the client, we also have another project in the pipeline from them too.

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