Northampton Saints

The Client.

Northampton Saints is a professional rugby club, competing in Premiership Rugby, England’s top division. With roots dating back to the 1880’s the Northampton Saints have grown exponentially over the years and have fans all across the world, with the Loop Digital team being just a handful of them.

Northampton Saints Team

The Challenge.

We started working with this great client back in June of 2019. As a part of our arrangement with Saints we manage three of the club’s websites, which includes the Northampton Saints website, Franklins Gardens (the stadium) and the Saints ecommerce site.

Saints approached us with a number of specific marketing and overarching business goals in mind, predominantly focused around increasing bookings for the various event spaces they have available as well as sales through their ecomm site.

Alongside other goals, Saints tasked us with increasing online store sales by 5% as well as increasing hospitality bookings, ticket sales and rugby camp bookings.

As a part of our bespoke offering, we conducted a full business audit, analysing the performance of all three websites to understand the scope for improvement as well as identify the key tactics that would come together to construct our marketing strategy.

Our Solution.

Continuing from our rigorous research, to establish ways to improve site-health and improve the overall authority of their websites we conducted a full technical audit. With an emphasis on areas where we could carry out on-page optimisation.

To build upon their local presence we introduced a blog section to the Northampton Saints website in which our delivery team periodically produce content, highlighting the latest news and information to drive further traffic to the website.

To achieve our client’s objectives we proposed leveraging online advertising tactics, looking at both social media and in search, combining the two allows us to maximize local coverage.

Each of these ads were geared towards achieving a specific objective, targeted at the demographics that engage with each of the key channels, increasing the efficiency of the ads.

Our plans didn’t stop there, at Loop Digital we go into partnership with businesses for the long term, always considering how we can build and scale future plans. For this client we used our tools to produce a CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation) report to determine key areas for improvement and opportunities to drive better conversions across the site, this will form a part of the evolution of the future strategy.


The Results.

Having worked with this great client for almost two years, we’ve seen exponential growth during what is still a reasonably small amount of time. Our continued partnership pays testament to the work our team do and the results we generate for our client-partners.

We were pleased to highlight to the client that we had vastly surpassed the targets they had outlined to us. One example would be the online store sales generating an increase of 48%, well above the original 5% target.

To build brand awareness and to increase sales we created a variety of cross-channel ad campaigns which delivered a 61% ROI for Saints. In fact we had to halt one of our campaigns due to success being so high that they had hit capacity.

The club’s website seen a huge influx of organic web traffic it surpassed 100K visits for the first time that season.

We’re looking forward to scaling and optimizing these plans in the future to bring even stronger results.

80% Growth Year On Year

Increase in Hospitality Match Sales

61% ROI

For social ads

495K Organic Web Visits

A 50% Uplift compared to the previous 6 months

148% Up

In Sales attributed to Marketing (based on previous year)


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Loop Digital are without doubt one of the most engaged and enthusiastic agencies we work with – and combined with their considerable expertise, our long-term relationship has consistently yielded impressive results. They have helped guide our strategy towards SEO, improving our positioning on numerous keyword targets which has in turn increased incoming website traffic and driven leads within our Ticketing, Retail, Community and Conferencing/Events departments. Loop Digital have also advised us on blog content and helped us to significantly improve the overall health across our owned websites. We look forward to our relationship continuing to develop in future! Northampton Saints
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