BP Collins Solicitors

The Client.

BP Collins are a well-respected solicitors firm based in Buckinghamshire and London, boasting an impressive 50+ years of legal excellence. Specialising in both individual and business law, they strive to achieve the best possible outcomes for all of their clients.

We officially started working with this great client back in November 2018.

BP Collins Solicitors

The Challenge.

This client, like many of our other clients, came to us with a general view of where they wanted to go, with a malleable idea of what their key objectives would be.

BP Collins reached out to us wanting to improve their overall digital presence in what is quite a competitive market, increasing the traffic and leads through their website to ultimately drive an increase in revenue.

Our first step in our onboarding plan was to uncover valuable insights by carrying out a business review, taking time to understand the business, who they sell to, their products and services and unique selling points. Understanding their typical profit margins also helps us to establish the scope for improvement and identifying what success will look like.

From here we could use their overarching business goals and align our expertise to produce a digital solution for them.

After conducting a thorough investigation using audits, market research and other explorative tactics, we determined key areas of opportunity. Creating top-level marketing objectives that we anticipated would change and develop as our partnership continued.

Key Objectives:

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Our Solution.

Everything we do at Loop Digital is bespoke, every one of our client-partners are unique so we formulate our approach based upon the best route to reach their requirements.

Our process is always mapped out using a strong foundation of research and guided by our strategic knowledge. With a better vision for the business established, we got to work.

Our client, like many other of our client partners offered a high-quality service but was unable to get seen by the people they wanted to reach. Due to the nature of the work BP Collins do they sit within quite a saturated and competitive market where SEO would be considered quite the challenge.

Through research we determined that we needed to focus on both on-site and off-site optimisation to improve their visibility and presence in search.

By combining our marketing tools with our years of experience and knowledge we were able to construct an optimisation plan that would get the business seen and recognised in search.

We set out to improve the positioning of a number of keywords that relate directly to their brand, service and of course the search intent of their desired audience.

Alongside this we investigated areas where technical fixes and improvements were required to boost site health. This alone contributes to how search engines position and rank a website.


The Results.

We’ve continued to work with BP Collins for over 3-years now which is a testament to the brilliant results we were able to achieve for them and the strong relationship built between the two companies.

Despite the economic slowdown of 2020, during a 6-month project we saw some fantastic results.

This project, alongside many of our other projects made a huge impact on the business, doubling their organic traffic, and increasing new sessions by over 40%. We also secured 7 top spots in Search for non-branded keywords too adding to the long-term value of the project.

BP Collins were very pleased to see this influx of additional organic traffic that resulted in a steady increase in conversions too as per their requirements for the business.

We look forward to continuing to provide great results for this client with our future projects.


Doubled the Organic Traffic in just 6-months


Click-Throughs to their website


Increase in Sessions.

7 No.1 Spots

Secured 7 no.1 positions for non-branded keywords in Google

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